Residential Work

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Residential Work

Our custom residential and home remodel work revolves around fulfilling our clients’ dreams. 

Our design experience spans modern, country, mountain, and prairie style. Every home design is carefully planned to harmonize with the region, site and topography, climate, and client’s vision. Some of our core values when designing homes include:

Bringing the outdoors in. Our designs focus on using connection to the natural environment to create a sense of comfort and well being. We carefully incorporate natural light by considering the placement of windows in their various formations — allowing the great outdoors to become an important interior design element.

Building energy-efficient and healthy homes. We work with our clients to create sustainable living spaces using energy-efficient building practices and current design technologies. We interface with professional consultants on engineering and building energy modeling to design for energy efficiency. We select building materials and methods that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly to provide a timeless, healthy living environment.

Creating engaging spaces. Curvilinear line is an underlying theme in our designs. Sophisticated spaces are created by thoughtfully juxtaposing the sweeping curve of a stairwell, a rounded wall, or balcony against geometric shapes such as vaulted ceilings, angular walls, pillars, and alcoves. Working together, these elements create a continuously changing play of light, texture, and enlivened experience.


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